Well, we’ve actually had a few days of warm weather. Not just warmer than 40 degrees… actually up to 70 degrees and sunny. The cherry trees are in full bloom, and we’re seeing various bulb flowers come and go. We have some hyacinths in our yard that the girls stepped on, so I decided to bring them in and put them in a vase. They smell heavenly. They’re a proper substitute for my beloved mountain laurels in Austin. We’re beginning to notice that we actually have neighbors. Everyone seems to hibernate during the winter months, and suddenly with the longer daylight hours and the sunshine, people are emerging.

It struck me that God must have made seasons as a sort of spiritual training. I didn’t notice that I was depressed before, but suddenly, I’m happy, hopeful, dreaming, ambitious. Texas “seasons” are more of a manic-depressive-type than the long endurance required for a Seattle winter.

Things are beginning to come together for us. We’ve committed to a church and are slowly meeting people. It’s looking like we might be able to get a community group going soon and get involved with a new college ministry. Brian is applying for various internships for the summer, and we’re hoping that someone will actually have the funding to pay him. We got an offer on our house… the first one in nearly a year of being on the market. It may not be “the one”, but it at least makes us hopeful that it will, indeed, sell.

Chicken is now weaned. It’s the first time in nearly all of our 5 years of marriage that I’ve not been pregnant and/or nursing, and it’s time for a sabbath rest. I’m beginning to feel restless… in a good way. I’m dreaming about where we’re headed and what God might have next for us. We’re reading a lot and thinking a lot… trying to envision how we will be a part of ushering in God’s kingdom to the Earth. We have lots of ideas and see lots of ways that our various interests and passions could come together.

Now for some mom stories:

Last night we were reading our story Bible before bed, and it was the story of the Israelites in the desert receiving manna from heaven. I think Monkey had heard the story in her BSF class that she attends with B’s mom, because I remember her telling me about it recently. As I got to the part describing the flakes of bread that the Isrealites found on the ground each morning, I asked Monkey if she remembered what it was called. Her response – “Toast?”

This morning, B left early to check out the men’s Bible study at our church. The girls had just received a “new” hand-me-down toy from some friends – some Calico Critters with a house and furniture. They played with it happily last night and began again as soon as they were up this morning. I got up and got them both dressed and then left them to play while I took a shower. Soon, I heard someone knocking on the door, yelling “No! No!” I told Monkey to open the door. Realizing it must be Chicken, I dripped across the bathroom to open the door and make sure she was ok. She was, and when I asked if Monkey was ok, she nodded her head yes and ran along. I returned to my shower, but soon was hearing screaming from their bedroom. I screamed for Monkey to come tell me what was going on, but after a couple of minutes without the screaming subsiding, I turned off the shower. I wrapped my towel around me and found them in their room, continuing to scream and flail about. I picked Chicken up and put her in the crib and marched Monkey into the guest room where I screamed that she must stay there until I could finish my shower and shave my other leg. To add insult to injury, my hasty exit from the shower broke one of the shower doors. *Sigh* The joys of motherhood.

Chicken is as goofy as ever. B recently took the girls out while I fixed dinner. Monkey rode the balance bike we’re borrowing from a friend, and Chicken rode in the Ergo on B. Since Monkey required a helmet, Chicken wanted hers too. When they got home, she didn’t want to take it off, so she ate her dinner wearing her helmet (and I will try to find a picture of this to post soon).

When we read our bedtime Bible story, we also sing a hymn. We usually sing the same one for a month, so that the girls can become familiar with it. This month we’re singing “Halellujah, What a Savior” for Easter, but last month we sang “My Jesus I Love Thee”. The last line of each verse in that song is “If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus ’tis now,” and in all but the first verse, the line before that ends with the word “brow”. Monkey picked up on this and started pointing to her brow at that part in the song, and Chicken, who doesn’t sing any of the words, began adding in “oooooowwwww” at the end of the 3rd and 4th lines of each verse. Last night, as we sang “Halellujah, What a Savior”, I noticed she was still singing her “oooooowwww” ‘s in various parts of the song.

When he comes, our glorious King, all his ransomed home to bring, then anew this song we’ll sing: Hallelujah!What a Savior!