The weather was just getting warmer… more days of sun, and some days up in the 50’s.  I was down to wearing only 2 layers around the house, and sometimes just a vest for the second layer.  But yesterday afternoon the temperature dropped, and we woke up to snow this morning.  *Sigh*  It’s pretty, but it’s cold.  I’ve realized recently that I miss Austin.  I miss the weather (some of it, at least), but I also miss the culture.  I’m sure it would be different if we lived in Seattle proper, particularly nearer to the UW campus.  I just don’t fit here on the East side.

A couple of weeks ago in Chicken’s mom and tot gymnastics class, I asked a blonde girl who was there with an Asian toddler if her husband was Asian or if the little girl was adopted.  She responded that the mother *was* Asian… she was the nanny.  Oh.  I began to look around and realize that all of those young-looking moms without wedding rings were probably nannies.  In the waiting room during Monkey’s gymnastics class last Friday, I estimated that about half of the adults there were nannies and not parents.  But it gets worse.  When I do actually talk to a mom, one of their first questions is “Where does Monkey go to preschool?”  So, I don’t have a nanny, I don’t send my 3 year old to preschool, *and* I’m planning on homeschooling.  In our urban Austin neighborhood, that was not necessarily the norm, but it wasn’t uncommon either.  Around here, I feel very out-of-place.

The closer Monkey gets to school age, the more I feel the need for homeschooling friends.  I don’t think that people who don’t homeschool are wrong.  But soon, their lifestyle is going to be very very different than mine.

I decided to try a local MOPS group in hopes of making some friends.  My first visit was a bit awkward since it was mid-winter break, and about 2/3rds of the moms who usually attend weren’t there.  Also, the speaker’s topic was sex… maintaining intimacy with your husband while your children are young.  It’s a legitimate topic, but awkward for my first time there.  Looking around, I fear that there won’t be like-minded moms that I’ll be able to connect with.  But, I’ll keep trying.

In the meantime, I’m getting better at being a more diligent wife, mom and homemaker.  I’m reading a lot.  I’m planning for homeschooling.

Monkey has moved up to the Little Gym’s performance team.  I had said I didn’t want her, at 3, having to perform or compete in anything.  I want her to enjoy gymnastics, music, whatever, for it’s own sake right now.  But, she had obviously outgrown the other class.  The team meets only once-a-week, and is still a fun class.  She’s learning some cool new stuff and thriving.  She has the same teacher who does such a great job of challenging her and keeping it fun.  They only perform a few times a year.  I also wasn’t going to teach my 3 year old to read.  I think I may be eating my words again with this kid.

Chicken gets her own gymnastics class now, and loves it.  It seems that she has her Daddy’s natural athleticism too.  It’s fun to do a class with her… second children don’t get near the same one-on-one time with mom.  She’s such a fun kid.

I’ll be starting up teaching music classes again in April through a local rec center.  I had been teaching one class at a homeschool co-op, and for multiple reasons, it was a really frustrating experience.  I ended that in January.  Hopefully the rec center classes will fill, and I’ll get to make a little extra money.

The house is back on the market.  We’re getting down to the last bit of savings.  B is looking for jobs and applying for scholarships.  We know we’ll be ok, but it’s starting to get exciting.

My little sister and her new husband are flying to Germany on Monday.  We probably won’t see them for over a year.  I talked to her yesterday, and she said it’s like she’s dying… everyone saying their last goodbyes… no idea of what existence will look like a week from now.  It’s surreal, but we’re excited for them.

Last, a plea for help: I really want to post some videos of the girls on here, but I can’t figure out how.  I tried google video, since I already have a google account.  But after 10 minutes of waiting for it to upload, I gave up.  I really want a site where the video can be unlisted… any ideas from you experienced bloggers?