Today is B’s first day of class for this quarter, and I wanted to begin with a more intentional schedule. Generally, it’s roll out of bed at the latest possible minute so that B can get out of the door in time to catch his bus. Then it’s wash my coffee pot and then make my coffee, and clean the girls up since they’ve already finished breakfast, and stumble back to put Chicken down for her morning nap before I’m even done with my coffee. Etc. We’ll see how long the more intentional schedule lasts. Since B has an early class on M/W, I don’t have a choice about getting up earlier on those days at least.

So, this morning, B and I were up shortly after 6, both got showers and did a little reading before the girls were even up (I had programmed my coffee maker last night… helpful motivation)! We all ate breakfast, B left, and I cleaned up (even my coffee pot!). Got the girls dressed, threw a load of diapers in the wash, vacuumed the guest room (site of Monkey’s shearing), brushed my teeth and put in my contacts. All BEFORE Chicken’s nap!

Monkey and I generally do “school” during Chicken’s morning nap. This morning, we started with about 5 minutes of reading lesson with Phonics Pathways. Then, we practiced writing the letter C: tracing with her finger on a big card, then in rice, then using the Handwriting Without Tears “wet dry try” method on a chalkboard, and then finally tracing with a crayon on paper. She asked to do an art project, and since I had just reorganized and filled out our art supplies, I let her paint with red and white tempera paints on our easel. While she was working on that, I tried out my new watercolor pencils I got for my nature journal. Then, we looked through the Human Body Encyclopedia we recently got from the library and read Sleep is for Everyone.


As a side note, Monkey loves looking through the DK encyclopedia, and all of the “Let’s Read and Find Out” books (which is most of what we got this time) are excellent… appropriate for a 3 yr old but interesting. She doesn’t prefer the Magic School Bus books, but that doesn’t break my heart.

Soon after, we got Chicken up and had lunch. Once lunch was cleaned up, we went for a good walk in the snow (with Chicken in the Ergo, refusing to wear her hat). Then it was naptime for the girls, and I made myself spend 30 minutes doing productive reading and music class prep before I got the computer out. Monkey didn’t nap (as is becoming more and more typical), so she’s been in here with me occupying herself with various things while I’ve checked e-mail and browsed message boards. Now, it’s getting pretty late, and Chicken has been sleeping more than 3 hours! Maybe a growth spurt? Aha, there she is!

I’ll let you know if the rest of this week is as productive as today has been.