Monkey didn’t nap yesterday (which isn’t unusual), so I let her play quietly in the guest room (also our “school” room, with all of the toys inappropriate for Chicken) while Chicken napped. Chicken woke up, and Monkey came out clutching her security stuffed animals (Elf, Lamby and Bear, now named Huggy, Sleepy, and Buddy), messing nervously with her hair. Which, come to mention it, looked a little odd. Then it hit me. “Oh, Monkey!” She burst into tears. I couldn’t decide whether to do the same or burst out laughing. She had cut her hair.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a little off the ends. It was mostly in the front, the part that we have worked long and hard on growing out. I think she tried to even it out and got some off the back too. Honestly, it looked very much like a mullet. At first I was amused. The more I’ve thought about it, the sadder I’ve become. Her hair has come in so slowly. Most little girls her age have long ponytail-able hair that has been cut multiple times. Hers is curly curly in the front and straighter and longer in the back. It was always hard to figure out what to do with it, but I patiently waited for it to finally even out. Let’s just say we’ve taken a big step backward.





The lost locks:


I was going to have a professional try and clean it up, but we couldn’t get her in until tomorrow afternoon. Since I wasn’t going to take her out in public as is, I did it myself.





Honestly, I think she’s happier with short hair. She’s a low-maintainance kind-of girl (wonder where she gets that from?), and those curls were constantly in her face. Maybe it will grow out into a style we can both be happy with… by the time she’s 10.